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NEWAustralian Steam Through The Decades

Australian Steam Through The Decades celebrates 25 years of Ross Rail Video Productions with much previously unseen archive and contemporary footage from six states.

From steam's dominant 1960's decade to more recent years. Including the impressive results of long standing restoration projects, from the NSW 60 class Garratt, to the relaunch of Victorian A2 class.

Total Running Time - 1 hour 53 minutes

Australian Steam through the Decades

Steam Out of Central

This DVD contains archive footage of Sydney’s iconic Central Station in steam’s later years. Atmospheric scenes are shown of trains arriving and departing this classic location.

Also features many special workings filmed in the 1960’s:

**Loco classes included:-

12,17,20,26,27,30,32,35,36,38,50,59 and 60.

**Locations shown include:-

Central Station, Picton, Summit Tank, Robertson, Pt Kembla, Wyong,
Lithgow, Blayney, Campbelltown, Nowra, Otford tunnel, Goulburn,
Moss Vale, Crookwell branch, Demondrille

**Plus - Southern Highlands Express, Riverina Express

Total Running Time - 1 hour

Steam Out of Central

Victorian Goldfields Railway

The 5’3” Victorian Goldfields Railway operates a 16km tourist line connecting the historic towns of Maldon and Castlemaine along a formerly disused branch line which closed in 1976. No fewer than nine steam locos are shown in action, along with diesels T333 and Y133.

Including Special Weekend Workings:-
Nov’ 1976, ‘Last Maldon Passenger Train’, (prior to closure), K184.
July, 1998, ‘Great Freight Weekend’, K160, J549, T333.
Dec’ 2004, ‘Maldon-Castlemaine Reopening’, K160.
May, 2007, ‘Steam on Show’, K160, J515, Y133, R761.
June, 2009, ‘125 Years of The Maldon Railway’, J515, J541, R707, R761.
Sept’, 2011, ‘The Maldon Experience’, K160, Y133, R707, R761.
Sept’, 2013, ‘The Maldon Experience’, J515, D3 639, R707, R761.
Oct’, 2013, ‘Maldon Steam Spectacular’, J515, J549, K190, D3 639, R761.
May, 2015, ‘Echuca Overlander’, D3 639.

Running time - 45 min.

Victorian Goldfields Railway

Diesels in South Australia

Until 1978, the State owned South Australian Railways (SAR) operated on three gauges in the south-eastern part of the state, the Eyre Peninsula and mid-north. The Federally owned Commonwealth Railways operated to the north of Port Pirie, to Alice Springs and Kalgoorlie.

The non-metropolitan railways in South Australia became the Federally owned Australian National in 1978, which was privatised in 1997. Interstate rail freight services remained separate, operated by the National Rail Corporation from 1995.

These changes saw diesel locomotives in South Australia change liveries and operate over a broader area, including interstate, with first generation locos operating alongside second generation units. In addition foreign locos from interstate have become a regular feature of the rail scene in South Australia.

This video covers classes of locomotives and railcars as follows:

350, DE, GM, 900, Silverton units, NSU, 930, 800, 830, DA, 500, 600, BU, *NT, CL, CLF, CLP, 700, **NJ, AL, ALF, BL, DL, EL, AN, CK, BHP rebuilds, NR, 81, G, 2000/3000 series railcars, Red Hens and Bluebirds.

Filmed by Greg Travers during visits in 1976, 1979, 1982, 1997, 1998, 1999 & 2000. (*NT filmed by Peter Attenborough), (**NJ filmed by Bruce Mead).

Running time - 69 min.

Diesels in South Australia

Steam in Brazil

A fascinating variety of steam railways have survived from the remnants of Brazil's disparate rail system.

Filmed in 2012, this classic title features twelve different lines, covering three gauges in the south-east of the country, operating mostly Baldwin build locomotives.

We also venture into Ecuador in 2005 and feature spectacular footage of the famous Guayaquil & Quito Railway, including the struggle up the zig-zag formation of 'Devil's Nose', one of the steepest adhesion worked railways in the world.

This DVD is a must for the lover of steam railways.

Total running time - 47 min.

Steam in Brazil

Steam Across Asia

In the 1980's, some of the world's last regular steam workings were to be found across
the Asian continent.

The countries of Pakistan, India, China, Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia still hosted over forty different locomotive types performing the duties they were designed for.

Total running time - 1 hour 50 min.


Steam in Cuba

In 1995, Cuba was one of the world's last remaining countries where steam could be seen in action.

Large American locomotives were employed hauling huge trains of sugar cane over lengthy stretches of track.

This mighty display of steam could also be seen on the main passenger and freight trunk lines.

Splendid archive film shows scenes which are now consigned to history in an atmosphere that cannot be repeated in today's high-tech world.

Locomotives types featured:-

Narrow Gauges
Baldwin 2-8-0 (2ft 6in)
Baldwin 2-8-0 (3ft 0in)
Baldwin 2-6-0 (3ft 0in)
Standard gauge
Baldwin 2-6-0
Baldwin 2-8-0
Alco 2-6-0
Vulcan 2-6-0
Vulcan 2-8-0
Rogers 2-6-0
Rogers 2-4-0

Running time - 54 minutes.

Steam in the Hunter

This splendid DVD contains previously unseen archive footage of steam’s final years working around the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. Atmospheric scenes are shown at Port Waratah and Broadmeadow depots and Garratts hauling large coal trains to and from local collieries.

Many special passenger trains were run between Sydney and Hunter destinations between 1968-1972 and several of these are shown including the Merriwa Branch, Weston, Werris Creek etc.

Loco classes include: 10, Z19, C30, C30T, C32, C35, C36, C38, D50/53/55 (Std Goods), D59, AD60 (Garratts) and SMR 10 class.

Running time – 1 hr


Cathedrals of Steam

This unique DVD takes an evocative look at the home of the working steam locomotive, the shed!

We take a close-up look at sheds in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania featuring both archive and contemporary film.

Overseas from the icy cold sheds of China, to the tropical monsoonal conditions of India, the steam locomotive is seen being lit-up, coaled, watered, oiled, maintained and the fire finally dropped at the end of the day.

Of special interest, the mighty Garratts or Southern Africa, archive footage from Willesden depot in London and the narrow gauge sheds in Java.

This is the complete DVD for the steam shed enthusiast!

Running time - 1 hr 22 min.


Cathedrals of Steam

Steam in South Africa

This bumper DVD features superb archive footage of steam at work in every day use before the advent of dieselisation. Much of the action shown dates back more than 40 years and captures the atmosphere of scenes now consigned to history.

A wide variety of locos are shown on both 3’ 6” and 2’ gauges, including the mighty Garratts which were so successful in Southern Africa.

Specially featured are the rail centres of Natal and Eastern Cape lines, also including the Orange Free State, Transvaal and the Northern Cape, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

This DVD is a must for genuine collectors of real steam.

Steam centres include:
De Aaar, Kimberley, Bloemfontein, Durban, Port Elizabeth, George, Port Shepstone, Grahamstown, Johannesburg, Mafeking, Barkly East as well as the bordering countries of Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Loco types include:
3B, 10BR, 11, 12R, 14 series, 15 series, 15CA, 15CB, 15F, 16E, 16R, 16CR, 19C, 19D, 23, 24, 25NC, 25C, Industrials, NG10 (n/g), NG15 (n/g).
Garratts – GCA, GE, GEA, GF, GM, GMA/M, GO, NGG13 (n/g), NGG16 (n/g).
Swaziland – 700, 12B, 18. Zimbabwe Garratts – 14A, 15th, 16A, 20th.

Running time - 1 hr 31 min.

Steam in South Africa

Super Steam

A surprising number of innovations and improvements to the steam locomotive occurred during the steam age and into the preservation era.

This coverage of Super Steam includes many of these changes which have taken steam motive power through the 20th century and up to the present day.

From the bizarre to the highly efficient, modern technology has elevated the steam locomotive into a machine which compares favourably with other forms of traction.

Included amongst these exceptional machines are:

Italian 741 class, 2-8-0 (Franco-Crosti).
German 50 class, 2-10-0 (Franco-Crosti).
German 01 class, 4-6-2 (streamlined).
French 240-P class, 4-8-0.
French 232-R class, 4-6-4 (steamlined).
Russian P36 class, 4-6-4.
South African 25C class, 4-8-4 (condenser).
South African modified 25NC class, 'Blue Devil'.
South African 26 class, 4-8-4, 'Red Devil'.
South African modified, 19DW, 4-8-2.
South African modified 19C, 4-8-2.
Swiss rebuilt 'Super' 52 class, 2-10-0.
Australian rebuilt 'Super' R class, 4-6-4's, No's 711 & 766.
Chinese QJ class, 2-10-2's.
British rebuilt 8P class, 4-6-2, 'Duke of Gloucester'.
British West Country class, 4-6-2, 'City of Wells' (Giesl ejector).
British Standard 2MT class, 2-6-0 (Giesl ejector).
British new A1 class, 4-6-2, 'Tornado'.
USA 'Challenger', articulated, 4-6-6-4.

Running Time - 1 hr 12 min

Super Steam

Steams' Finest Hour

Steam's Finest Hour is a 1 hour compilation of some of the most evocative and enduring images feature by Ross Rail Video Productions.

This 'hour' includes over 40 film segments in no fewer than 12 countries, including several Australian scenes.

Enjoy the sight and sound of steam action without narration.

This is truly a DVD to be enjoyed and savoured.

Details of locations, locos etc enclosed.

Running time - 1 hour

Steams' Finest Hour

Diesels in Australia

Queensland: featuring -
Brisbane suburban, Toowomba line, North Coast line, Gladstone/Rockhampton, Longreach line, Mackay, Bowen, Townsville, Mt Isa line, Cairns region.

Loco classes - 1150, 1200, 1400, 1170, 1450, 1250, 1600, 1460/1502, 1270, 1700, 1720, DH, 1300, 2100, 1550, 2350, 2600, 3100/3200 (elect'), 3900 (elect'), 2300, 2800, 4000, and Tilt Train.

New South Wales: featuring -
Main lines, some branch lines. Modern and archive footage from the 1960s.

Loco classes - 40, 42, 421, 422, 43, 44, 442, 45, 46 (elec'), 47, 48, 49, 70, 73, 80, 81, 82, 90, XPT, NR, and BHP industrials.

Victoria: featuring -
Main lines and the historic railway centres of Ballarat, Bendigo, and Maryborough.

Loco Classes - A, B, BL, C, CLF, CLP, DL, G, H, N, NR, J, S, T, Y, X/XR, XP, 49, 81, 700, 930 and Silverton 442.

South Australia: featuring -
Acrhive and modern footage of workings on three gauges across the State filmed by Greg Travers, Peter Attenborough and Bruce Mead.

Loco classes - 350, DE, GM, 900, Silverton units, NSU, 930, 800, 830, DA, 500, 600, BU, NT, CL, CLF, CLP, 700, NJ, AL, ALF, BL, DL, EL, AN, CK, and BHP rebuilds.

Running Time: 2 hr 15 min


Diesels in Victoria

The advent of the 1990's resulted in big changes in the Victorian railway scene. These were highlighted by the creation of several private rail hauliers and by the completion of the standard gauge line to Adelaide.

This remastered Diesels in Victoria features the new alongside the old, with additional coverage of most contemporary Victorian classes on V/Line and with more recent private operators; as well as archive material of diesel and electric locomotives in an era when steam was still in evidence.

Included on the contemporary scene are locos from South Australia and New South Wales now working regularly into Victoria.

We also take a special look at the diesel driver training simulator in operation at Melbourne's South Dynon depot.

Locations covered include the historic rail centres of Ballarat, Bendigo and Maryborough, where many features of the steam era still exist.

Contents include:
AN (Australian National)
ATN (Australian Transport Network)
CFCLA (Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia)
QRN (Queensland Railway National)
FA (Freight Australia)
GN (Great Northern)
NRC (National Rail Corporation)
Patricks Stevedore Co
RTA (Rail Transport Services)
SCT (Specialised Container Transport)
TNT (The World Transportation Group)
V/Line (Public Transport Corporation)
West Coast Railway

Loco classes include:-
A, B, BL/G, C, CLF, CLP, DL, EL, GM, H, N, NR, J, S, T, TL, V, VL, Y, X/XR, XP, 49, 81, 422, 442, 700, & 930.

Running Time - 1 hr 11 min

Diesels in Victoria

Diesels in Queensland

The diesel era in Queensland began during the early 1950's to replace an aging steam fleet. Through archive and more recent footage we take a look at the first generation of main line diesels across the State up to the 2600 class built from 1983.

Areas covered include: Brisbane Suburban, Toowoomba line, North Coast line, Gladstone/Rockhampton,
Longreach line, Mackay, Bowen, Townsville, Mt Isa line, Cairns region.

Locomotive classes include:-

1150*, 1200, 1400, 1170,1450, 1250, 1600, 1460/1502, 1270,1700, 1720, DH, 1300, 2100, 1550, 2350 & 2600.
(* Still shots only)

Running Time:- 1hr 12min (approx.)

Diesels in QLD

Diesels in New South Wales

The early 1950's saw the beginning of a remarkable transformation on the railways of New South Wales.

After nearly 100 years of operation, the dominance of steam was finally broken by the introduction of new diesel and electric motive power.

Over the next two decades, steam would gradually give way to a wide variety of diesel and electric locomotives.

Diesels in New South Wales takes a look at over 20 different classes including the now historic 46 class electric locomotives. Modern and archive footage from the 1960's up to the 1990's is included. In addition, there is a brief look at the Silver City Comet, CPH railmotors and the 600/620 etc classes of railcar.

Loco classes featured:
40, 42, 421, 422, 43, 44, 442, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 70, 73, 80, 81, 82, 90, XPT, NR & BHP Industrials.

Running Time:- 1hr 7min

Diesels in New South Wales

Australian Industrial Steam

A surprising variety of industrial steam survived beyond government railway operations. In many cases, enthusiasts could observe these workings well over a decade after the demise of main line steam. Historic motive power continued to be employed from coal haulage in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales to Queensland’s narrow gauge sugar cane locomotives.
With the main focus on Hunter Valley steam, other areas include preserved ex-industrial steam across every state, in all over twenty locomotive types.

Hunter Valley – South Maitland Railways.
J & A Brown
Collieries – Hebburn, Bellbird, Pelton, Aberdare & Stockrington.
Queensland Sugar Mills – Milliquin, Qunaba & Moreton Central (Nambour).
Preserved & other operations –
Golden Mount Rail Preservation Society (Mt Morgan). Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway (Swanbank). Port Douglas Steam Train Company.
New South Wales:
Timbertown Museum Complex (Wauchope). Goulburn Steam Museum. Illawarra Light Railway Museum (Albion Park). Bulahdelah Logging Railway. Australian Iron & Steel Works (Pt Kembla).
Alexandra Timber Tramway & Museum. Coal Creek Museum (Korumburra). Bellarine Peninsula Railway (Queenscliff). Walhalla Goldfields Railway. Puffing Billy Railway (Belgrave). Red Cliffs Historical Steam Railway (Mildura). Wombat Gully Tramway (Leneva).
South Australia:
Cobdogla Irrigation Museum.
Western Australia:
Hotham Valley Railway (Dwellingup). Yarloop Timber Company.
Wee Georgie Wood Steam Railway Society (Tullah). Emu Bay Railway Company (Burnie). West Coast Wilderness Railway (Queenstown). Ida Bay Railway. Redwater Creek Steam & Heritage Society (Sheffield).

Running Time – 1 hr 15 min

Australian Industrial Steam

Steam in Wales

Narrow Gauge Lines

Steam in Wales takes a look at eleven of the very special and historic narrow gauge railways to be found in that part of the British Isles.

Over thirty different locomotives are shown in a variety of locations, and special cab-ride footage is also included.

Also featured is the 1999 "Railfest Weekend" at the Ffestiniog.

List of railways and locomotives included on this video:

Talyllyn Railway (2ft 3in gauge) No. 1 "Talyllyn", No. 4 "Edward Thomas", No. 6 "Douglas" & No. 7 "Tom Rolt".

Ffestiniog Railway (1ft 111/2in gauge). "Linda", "Blanche", "Mountaineer", "Merddin Emrys" (double Fairlie), "Earl of Merioneth" (double Fairlie), "Prince" & "Taliesin" (single Fairlie). Also visiting locos "Lilla", "Cloister" & "Bronllwyd". Welsh Highland Railway (1ft 111/2in gauge), "Russell" and Garratts No's 138 & 143.

Llanberis Lake Railway (1ft 111/2in gauge). No. 2 "Thomas Bach".

Snowdon Mountain Railway (2ft 7 in gauge rack). No. 2 "Enid", No. 3 "Wyddfa" & No. 4 "Snowdon".

Bala Lake Railway (1ft 111/2in gauge). "Maid Marian".

Fairbourne and Barmouth Steam Railway (121/4in gauge),. "Sherpa", "Yeo", "Beddgelert" & "Russel".

Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway (2ft 6in gauge). "Joan", "The No. 823 Countess" & No. 85.

Vale of Rheidol Railway (1ft 113/4in gauge). No. 7 "Owain Glyndwr", No. 8 "Llywelyn" & No. 9 "Prince of Wales".

Teifi Valley Railway (2ft gauge). "Alan George".

Brecon Mountain Railway (2ft gauge). Ex South African Pacific.

Running Time - 1 hr (approx)

Steam in Wales - Narrow Gauge Lines

Steam in Eastern Europe

This action packed DVD includes comprehensive coverage of eastern European steam filmed between 1974 and 2002.

Six former Eastern Block countries with over 40 locomotive types, featuring the very last pocket of regular revenue earning steam in the world, based at Wolsztyn in Poland.

Broad, standard & narrow gauge locomotives types include:

Russia & Ukraine:
B/G - EM, Er, FD, L, LV, P36, Su, SO & 9P.

S/G - Pm2, Pm36, Pt 47, S160, Tkh, Tkt48, Tr12, Ty2, Ty42, Ty43, Ty45, Ty51, Ty246, Ok1, Ok22, OL12 & OL49.
N/G - Px48.

S/G - No's 269 & 204, Yugoslav 01, German O1 & 02.

S/G - Ex-German G10, G52, & P8.
Forestry N/G - 763 & 764.

East Germany:
N/G - 'Standard' 2-10-2 tanks, 0-6-0 tank, 0-8-0 well-tank, 2-6-2 tank, 2-8-2 tank & 'Saxon-Meyer' 0-4-4-0 tanks.

Running time - 2 hrs 7 min

Steam in Eastern Europe

Steam in Britain

This bumper Steam in Britain compilation includes comprehensive coverage of standard gauge preserved lines, particularly during 'Enthusiast Weekends'. In addition to preserved railways, exciting material of main line specials, including the Royal Train hauled by Pacific No 6233 'Duchess of Sutherland' and scenes on Settle-Carlisle line.

Also included, archive footage of steam on BR in the 1960s.
Including: Settle-Carlisle, Manchester area and the final months of Southern Steam.

Preserved Railways   Locos include:
Kent & East Sussex
Spa Valley
East Lancs
Great Central
  'King' 6024, Pacific 34016, & 9F 92212.
'Terrier' 32678 & 'Norwegian'.
Polish industrial tank.
Pacific 6201, 'Crab' 42765 & 5MT 45407 (as 45157).
V2 60800, 04 63601, Pacific 71000,
'Director' "Butler Henderson".
Modified Hall 6990, B1 1306, 8F 48305,
Pacific 34039 & 'Jubilee' 5593.
Embsay & Bolton Abbey
Peak Rail
Lakeside & Haverthwaite
Churnet Valley
Worth Valley
  Industrial saddle-tanks.
Industrial saddle-tanks.
Industrial tanks.
Industrial tank.
4MT 42073, Furness 0-4-0 No 20 & industrial tank.
Std 4MT 80098.
Std 4MTs 80002, 75014 & 75078, Std 2MT 78022, L&Y 'Pug' 51218, L&Y, 52044, LMS 47279, 2MT 41241, 5MT 45212, 8F 48431, Polish S160, 4F 43924, Pacific 34092, 'Jubilee' 45596 & industrial tanks.
Severn Valley   'Jubilee' 5690, Modified Hall 6960, Pacific 34027, 5MT 5000, Std 4MTs 75069 & 80079, 8F 8233, 5MT 2968 & WD 600.
North Yorkshire Moors   Std 4MT 80135, K1 2005, N2 69523, J27 65894, S15 841, Sentinal 54, J72 69023, & 5MT 45428.
Llangollen   A3 Pacific 60103 'Flying Scotsman'.
West Somerset   7F 53808 & GWR 0-6-0 3205.
South Devon   'Manor' 7827
Bluebell   'Schools' 928, Q 541, 'Terriers' 55 & 72,
Adams Radial 488 & Std 4MT 80151.

Running time:- 2 hours 25 min.

Steam In Britain

Double Headers

The sight and sound of double headed locomotives would have to be one of the most spectacular experiences of the railway scene during the steam era in New South Wales.

We take an evocative look at the 1960s, including numerous loco combinations and less common pairings.

Locations Include:
Lithgow - Orange
Wallerawang - Mudgee
Orange - Molong
Molong - Parkes
Molong - Dubbo
Orange - Wellington - Dubbo
Sydney - Goulburn
Gosford - Newcastle

Filmed by John Ward

Running time - 1 hr

Double Headers

Pigs And Pacifics

This DVD takes a special look at two of the most popular and prestigious express passenger locomotives to operate on New South Wales Railways, the C36 class 4-6-0 and the C38 class 4-6-2.

Both types in their heyday were employed on top link passenger duties and were comparable in power rating and performance.

Durin the 1960s as dieselisation took a strong hold, both classes were gradually relegated to more humble freight workings.

Archive footage featuring:
Southern Highlands Express

  • Newcastle Flyer
  • 36's and 38's on heavy goods workings, including double heading with 60 class Garratts.
  • The unique Giesel ejector fitted 3616
  • Double-headed 38's on the inaugural 'Spirit of Progress'.
  • 3642 in South Australia on the opening of the Whyalla line.
  • 3801 & 3813 double heading 'The Western Endeavour'.

Plus rare footage of tank loco 3138 working the entire length of the Belmont branch line during the final years of operation.

Running time:- 1 hour 8 min.

Photos:- Courtesy S.R.A Archives

Pigs And Pacifics

Steam Rack Railways

Rack railways based on the rack and pinion system are designed to maximize traction over extreme grades and often difficult terrain.
We take a comprehensive look from both archival and modern perspectives at the West Coast Wilderness Railway in Tasmania.

Other steam operated rack railways covered, ranging from Standard gauge to 800mm include:
Snowdon Mountain Railway, Wales.
Mount Washington Cog Railway, USA.
Manitau & Pikes Peak Railway, USA.
Nilgiri Mountain Railway, India.
Ambarawa Rack Railway, Indonesia.
Achenseebahn, Austria.
Schneebergbahn, Austria.
Rigibahn, Switzerland.
Schynige Platte Bahn, Switzerland

Also included are scenes of the now defunct Austrian Erzbergbahn, Switzerland's Brienz Rothorn and rare archive footage of two former rack systems in Lebanon and Hungary.

Running time - 54 min

Steam Rack Railways

Victorian Goldfields Railway and Bellarine Peninsula Railway

Nowhere else in Australia have two historic towns been connected by steam railway. Seen in action, working the entire 16km between Maldon and Castlemaine, two of the Victorian Railway's final working steam classes on the broad gauge.
-K class No 160
-J class No 549
Plus T class (diesel) No 333. With a look back at historic footage of all locos in service prior to preservation.

Bellarine Peninsula Railway

Based at Queenscliff, this unique and picturesque 16km coastal railway connects Queenscliff to Drysdale. Motive power includes a collection of 3ft 6in gauge steam and diesel locos from other states.
-Q.R. PB15 No 454.
-S.A.R. T class No 251.
-T.G.R. M class No 6.
-T.G.R. X class (diesels) No's 3 & 20.
-W.A.G.R. V class No 1209.

Again with a look back in time to each of these loco classes during revenue earning service.

Running time - 1 hour (approx)

Victorian Gold Fields Railway

Pichi Pichi Railway

Quorn, South Australia is the centre of a remarkable railway operation, the Pichi Richi Railway. The Pichi Pichi Railway Preservation Society was formed in 1973, restoring trackwork between Quorn and Woolshed Flat by 1978, and to Port Augusta by 2001. This stretch of the old Ghan route, a distance of 39 kms is now a major railway attraction in the Flinders Ranges, running trains on a regular basis. The Pichi Pichi Pass is regarded as the most picturesque section of the old Ghan route and can now be appreciated again in the time honoured way, behind steam.

Locos featured:
T class 4-8-0's, No's 186 & 199, W class 4-8-2's, No's 933, 934 & 22, NM class 4-8-0's, No's 25 & 34.
Coffee Pot railmotor, Barwell Bull railcar and NSU class diesel No 52.
Plus archive footage of steam around Quorn.

Running Time 1 hour (approx)

Pichi Pichi Railway

Steam in Australia DVD

Victoria: featuring -
Puffing Billy Railway, Bellarine Peninsula Railway, Victorian Goldfields Railway, Mornington Tourist Railway, South Gippsland Railway.
Loco classes: Na, G (Garratt), PB15, T, M, V, K, J, D3, Y & R.

New South Wales: featuring -
Michelago Tourist Railway, Richmond Vale Railway, Lachlan Valley Railway, Zig Zag Railway, Glenreagh Mountain Railway, New South Wales Rail Transport Museum.
Loco classes - 30T, Z12, 10, Industrial 0-4-0 tank, Ex R.O.D. 2-8-0, Kitson 2-8-2, TF, C12, BB18 1/4, DD17, D59, Z17, Z19, Z27, C36 & C38.
Plus archive material.

Queensland: featuring -
Swanbank Railway, Rosewood Railway, Railco.
Loco classes - PB15, D17, Industrial 0-4-2 tank, BB18 1/4 & QR Garratt.
Plus archive material.

Western Australia: featuring -
Bassendean Rail Transport Museum, Hotham Valley Tourist Railway, Leschenault Railway, Pemberton Tramway Company.
Loco classes - W , Pm, G & V.
Plus archive material.

Running time - 2 hour 15 min

South Australia: featuring -
Pichi Richi Railway, Steamtown - Peterborough, Cockle Train (SteamRanger), National Railway Museum.
Loco classes - F, T, W, NM, Rx, 520 & 620.
Plus archive material.

Tasmania: featuring -
Don River Railway, Derwent Valley Railway, Tasmanian Transport Museum.
Loco classes - M, MA, C, CCS & H.
Plus archive material


Steam in Queensland

Steam in Queensland looks at a variety of steam workings during the 1960s, many on now closed branch lines. The comparative perspective of "then & now" is also explored, showing various changes over the intervening decades.

In addition, a special look at the working full size replica of "Mary Ann", one of the first pioneer locomotives in Queensland; as well as historic archive footage from the 1930s of a B15 class hauling an early tourist train on the Cairns - Kuranda line.

Wallan-garra to Brisbane main line - including:-
Cottonvale to Amiens branch.
Wyreema to Millmerran branch.
Toowoomba to Harristown section.
Toowoomba to Harlaxton section.
Toowoomba to Railway - Workshops (Willowburn)
Rosewood to Ipswich.
Rosewood to Birru branch.
Ipswich to Yarraman (Brisbane Valley Line).
Bundamba to Redbank Loop Line.

Locomotive classes include:
B15, PB15, (Stephenson's link & Walschaerts versions), C17, B18 1/4, BB18 1/4, D17, DD17, AC16, A10 & "Mary Ann".

Cover photo and most archive film: John Ward

Running Time: 1hr 8min (approx)

Steam in Queensland

Brisbane (suburban workings):
Breakfast Creek.
South Brisbane to Lota.
Cannon Hill to Brisbane Abattoir branch.
Murrarie to Ampol oil refinery branch.
Ipswich to Bowen Hills.

Cairns area.


Steam in South Australia


  • Eleven steam locomotive types on regular and special trains during the 1960s on two gauges.
  • Rare footage of the mighty 500 class 4-8-4's.

Classes including:

Broad Gauge (5'3")

  • Rx 4-6-0
  • F 4-6-2T
  • 500 4-8-4
  • 700 2-8-2
  • 710 2-8-2
  • 740 2-8-2
  • 620 4-6-2
  • 520 4-8-4

Narrow Gauge (3'6")

  • Y 2-6-0
  • T 4-8-0
  • 400 Garratt

Archive footage, with update coverage (where possible) into preservation.

Running time: 1 hour and 5 minutes approx.
Narration - Mark Carter.

Steam in South Australia

Steam in Victoria Parts 1 & 2

A DVD that combines two previous video releases

Part 1.

Features classic footage of steam scenes in Victoria in the halcyon days of the 1960's. Particular emphasis is given to long closed branch lines, with unique comparisons between archive material and a modern day update giving a 'then-now' perspective. Regular steam on the main line is also included, again with a look at how the scene has changed, stations closed, vandalised or disappeared. And railway artifacts from the steam age either surprisingly still intact or gone forever.

In addition special workings across the state borders to Deniliquin (NSW), Albury (NSW) & Pinnaroo (SA) are also shown.

Branch line workings include:-
Cudgewa, Mansfield/Alexandra, Healesville/Warburton, Wonthaggi,
Rushworth/Girgarre/Colbinabbin, Daylesford, Skipton, Maldon, Marnoo,
Horsham/Carpolac, Coleraine and Casterton.
Loco classes include:- K, J, R, A2, N, C, Y, X and D3.

Steam in Viv Part 1 & 2

Part 2. (The Final Fling)

''Steam in Victoria - Part 2" focuses on regular workings in the 1960's, both on the main line and various branch lines. .The 'then-now' perspective is again explored, showing the many remarkable changes that have taken place on the Victorian railways over the past forty years. Due to a shortage of diesel motive power, the early 1960's saw the re-introduction into regular traffic of previously withdrawn steam locomotives. The remnants of this renaissance saw their 'final fling' well into the decade.

Also, rare archive footage of the celebrated three cylinder S class Pacifics, including scenes hauling the "Spirit of Progress" in the 1930's. Regrettably, the preservation movement got underway a little too late to save any four members of the class. However, two miniature replicas, streamlined S302 and non-streamlined S304, have been constructed. These beautifully crafted locomotives are seen at work.

Line workings include:-
Melbourne-Serviceton, Melbourne-Geelong, Melbourne-Bendigo, Ballarat-Maryborough, Geelong-Warrnambool, Geelong-Ballarat, Maryborough-Castlemaine, Maryborough-Donald, Dunolly-Inglewood, Dimboola-Yanac and Caslemaine-Maldon.
Loco classes include:- K, J, R, D3, N, Y, S and A2.

Total running time - 2hr 20min.


Steam in Victoria Part 3

In this Part 3 of Steam in Victoria we take an unusually varied look at a number of Victorian railway subjects, including archive steam in its latter years.

The re-opening of the remaining section of The Victorian Goldfields Railway, with two double-headers to celebrate the event, simultaneously departing from Castlemaine towards Melbourne and the branch to Maldon.

Action footage of S304. Accurate in every detail, a scaled down precise replica of a celebrated S class three cylinder Pacific, none of which escaped the cutters torch.

Melbourne visit of the famous Rocket (replica) in 1982.

Areas covered include - Western, Eastern and Northern Victoria and the Melbourne suburbs.

Loco typs include:
K, J, N, R, S, Y and D3.

Running time - 1 hr 7 min.

Steam in Victoria Part 3

Steam in NSW Parts 1 & 2

A DVD that combines two previous video releases

Part 1. (Archival and Contemporary)
Eighteen steam locomotive types hard at work during the 1960's in revenue earning service. Including rare footage of the now legendary "Camden Tram" and equally rare material of the ex-ROD Robinson 2-8-0 on the Richmond Vale Railway.

Loco classes include: C30, C30T, C32, C35, C36, C38, D59, D50 & D55, AD60, Z19, Xl0, Z12*, Z17*, Z27* and industrials 10, Kitson, Barclay & Robinson.
* In preservation only.

Cover photo: Roger Gillard

Steam in New South Wales

Part 2. (Archival)
The elimination of the steam locomotive in New South Wales was completed by early 1973. The next few years saw the decommissioning of steam maintenance facilities, including workshops, loco depots, water storage tanks and a host of other infrastructure associated with the steam era. Successively over the next decade or so, many branch lines were closed, as well as a number of cross country routes that linked the main arteries or interstate lines. In this second of the "Steam in New South Wales" series, we have the opportunity to again look back at steam workings of the 1960's. Contemporary scenes are shown to show comparison with what was once a busy and labour intensive rail system.

Cover Photo and most archive film: John Ward

Total running time - 2hr 6min.

Areas include:
Lithgow to Orange (old main Western line), Wellington, Dubbo and beyond, including the Nyngan to Cobar branch. Wallerawang to Mudgee, Gulgong and as far as Merrygoen. The Orange, Molong and Dubbo (scenic) line. The Dubbo to Coonamble line as far as Gilgandra. The main Southern line from Sydney to Moss Vale, the Camden branch, the Picton to Mittagong loop line (old main South line), Yass Town branch and Junee-Goulburn.

Loco classes include: Z13, Z19, Z20, Z27, C30, C30T, C32, C36, C38, D50, D53, D55, D57, D59 and AD60.


Steam in New South Wales - Part 3 - The North

The third in the series of New South Wales steam during the 1960's features regions north of Newcastle, particularly the scenic New England area.

Other areas featured: Muswellbrook, Werris Creek to Glen Innes, the coastal route as far as Taree, the now closed section beyond Armidale and the former branches to Barraba and Merriwa.

More than a dozen loco classes are shown, including some of the last northern workings of the popular 35 class (NN) 4-6-0's one of which, 3526 is now a working engine in preservation.

Locomotive classes include:
C30, C30T, C32, C35, C36, C38, D50, Standard Goods, AD60 (Garratt), Z12, Z17 & Z19.

Cover photo and most archive film: John Ward

Total running time - 1hr 17min.

Steam in NSW

Steam in New South Wales Part 4 The South

In this continuing series, 1960s steam workings are covered south of Moss Vale to the Victorian border and west as far as West Wyalong and Narrandera.

Past/present perspectives are also featured showing significant changes to the railway infrastructure and action on long closed branch lines including Tumut, Tumbarumba, Yass Town and Crookwell.

The final steam hauled Riverina Express in June 1964 is also included.

Locomotive classes include:
Z12, Z13, C310T, C35, C36, C38, D59, Standard Goods.

Running Time – 1 hr 4 min.

Steam in New South Wales - Part 4 The South

Steam in New South Wales Part 5

Steam in New South Wales Part 5 includes over a dozen loco
types across the State in previously unseen archive footage.

Locomotive classes include:
Z19, C32, D50, D55, C30, C30T, C35, C36, C38, D59, AD60, Z26,
Industrial 10T, Industrial Barclay tank.

Cover photographs: John Ward
Running time - 1hr 2min

Steam in New South Wales Part 5

Power of the Garratts

Described as one of the most innovative developments in the history of railway motive power, the Garratt locomotive was designed to optimise the power of two engine units together with a light axle loading; able to negotiate tight curves using its unique articulation.

So popular was the Garratt that it monopolised the most demanding of diagrams across southern Africa, into recent times.

Here the domestic Garratt is featured across five states and three gauges. From the mighty 60 class in New South Wales, to the diminutive but impressive K1 replica in Tasmania.

Archival material is featured along with contemporary footage and restored operations, pounding the grades in no uncertain manner, as only the Garratt can.

Also featured are the comparison shots of Garratts in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Ex-NSWGR 60 class 4-8-4, 4-8-4; S/G
Ex-SAR 400 class 4-8-2, 2-8-4; 3ft 6in
Ex-QR No 1009, 4-8-2, 2-8-4; 3ft 6in
Ex-Emu Bay Railway (Tas) ASG, 4-8-2, 2-8-4; 3ft 6in
Ex-Emu Bay Railway (Tas) BP, 4-8-2, 2-8-4; 3ft 6in
Australian Portland Cement Industrial, 2-6-0, 0-6-2; 3ft 6in
Ex-VR G class, 2-6-0, 0-6-2, 2ft 6in

Running time - 1 hour 10 min


Power of the Garratts - Part 2

In this the second of the Garratt series, we again feature the 400 class of South Australia and the mighty 60 class of New South Wales. Highlights of the latter include scenes of the spectacular double-headed zinc concentrate trains between Parkes and Broken Hill in the 1960s and 6029 on a special working to Victoria in 1980. Further archive footage includes Beyer Peacock and ASG types at work in industrial service at Fyansford in Victoria, and an MSA Garratt in Western Australia, plus more recent scenes featuring the restored Queensland Garratt No. 1009. Whilst no Garratt DVD would be complete without scenes of the giant locos in action in arguably their most successful locations, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Archive and modern footage from the African continent compliments this action packed DVD production.

Running tine - 1 hour 20 minutes


Power Of The Garratts Part 3

From their inception in 1909, the Garratt design was gradually introduced into many
railway systems world wide, being particularly successful in Southern Africa.

In this third of the series, we cover Garratts and related locomotive types, including
Mallets, Meyers and Fairlies, in eleven countries across the world on several gauges.

Std gauge Union Pacific ‘Challenger’, American Mallet.
Metre gauge Mallet, Spain.
5′ 6″ gauge Garratt, Spain.
3′ 6″ gauge Mallet and Shay, Philippines.
3′ 1⅜″ gauge Mallet, Eritrea.
1′ 11½″ gauge ex-South African NGG16 Garratts, Wales.
1′ 11½″ gauge Double and Single Fairlies, Wales.
1′ 11½″ gauge K1 (first Garratt), Wales.
Mini-NGG16 Garratt, Australia.
2′ gauge NGG13 Garratt, Switzerland.
10″ and 7″ gauge Garratts, England.
3′ 6″ gauge GMAM Garratts, South Africa.
Metre gauge 59 Garratt, Kenya.
2′ 6″ gauge Garratt, Nepal.
2′ 6″ gauge Garratt, Australia (Puffing Billy).

Running time - 1 hr 8 min.


Kuranda Scenic Train DVD

Travel the most scenic and historic railway in Australia; over steep mountain gorges, towering bridges and through fifteen tunnels, en route from Cairns to Kuranda.

Experience the rainforest, a river boat trip and the famous Kuranda Markets, as well as a side trip to the Bally Hooley steam sugar train, in nearby Mossman.

Running Time: 40 minutes

Kuranda Scenic Train


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